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Chronological order based on start of projects

Start Title Details Link
2009-[~] panta rhei Filmproject with Thomas Siegl, Elmar Ranegger, Harry Komposch, et al.
2008-[~] panta rhei - Sculpture Marble sculpture for public space
2008-[~] LandLinien Land art w Karo Kreimer-Hartmann, Igor Petkovic, Renate Simbeni, et al.  
2007-2010 Bring the T.O.Y.S. Back Home - trash of your society Intercultural artproject on trash with Igor Petkovic, Stefan Schmid, Renate Simbeni, Eva Ursprung, et al.
2006-2007 The Politics of Culture Conceptual intercultural art project with Eva Ursprung, Ndidi Dike, Krydz Ikwuemesi, Okechukwu Nwafor and others
2005 Weltethos Concept for an transreligious sculpturepark at Buchkogel near Graz  
2004-2005 Das Rad der Zeit Intercultural sculpture project with Luis Viracocha, Walter Ackerl et. al.
2003-[~] theSYNdicate
- intercultural network for transforming arts
Artist group and run space
2001-2005 Rhythmen Der Gewalt Series (performance and objects) on sexual violence withMea Schönberg, Elmar Ranegger, Alois Zorn, Pedro Gross, BI, et al.
2001-2009 INTIÑAHUI
- In the Eye of the Sun
3D animation film with Thomas Siegl, Martin Schemitsch, Elmar Ranegger, Dr. Nachtrom et al.
1999-2000 Zum Abschied vom Vater Interdisciplinary performance with Robert Riedl, Dr. Nachtstrom, Didi Tschmelak
1999-2004 The Violence Project artwork - series on violence
1997-2002 General Bomb Machine Visual art director for the metal band with Didi Tschmelak, Hombre Guttmann, Gerhard Kratzer, Wulf Christandl, Christian Wittmann and Joe Jabbour &
rock archive

[~]...means: uncompleted or ongoing; links open a new tab/window...


the world art project
a life cycle in film, sculpture, performance, and music. 2001-2009.
intercultural network for transforming arts - since 2002.
artworks of Klaus Schrefler between 1998 and 2003.

      "The reluctant unites and from the opposite tunes the most beautiful harmony develops, and everything happens by strife. It is opposition that brings things together" - Heraklit.  
  Visual Media Art
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