DVD - Bestellung

The DVD may now be purchased online here or at the Inti onlineshop or in some museum shops!


Contact us per e-mail or call us.



You may also use the INTI-Web-Shop for purchasing ous DVD!

Inti-DVD-Design - Maus über Bild bewegen

The DVD will be shipped including a 12-page color booklet. Furthermore, a specially-colored polycarbonate has been used in addition to a reflecting layer featuring the nine chapter symbols on the backside of the DVD's inner ring. (Please pass mouse over the image on the left-hand side!).

the world art project
a life cycle in film, sculpture, performance, and music. 2001-2009.
intercultural network for transforming arts - since 2002.
artworks of Klaus Schrefler between 1998 and 2003.

      "The reluctant unites and from the opposite tunes the most beautiful harmony develops, and everything happens by strife. It is opposition that brings things together" - Heraklit.  
  Visual Media Art
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