panta rhei

panta rhei - everything flows

Marble sculture at Karl-Franzens-University Graz Campus

June, 21st 2011, 2pm

Together rector Alfred Gutschelhofer, dean Karl Crailsheim and artist Klaus Schrefler present the sculpture at the location in front of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

October 1st 2011, 6pm-1am - "Lange Nacht der Museen"

panta rhei - everything flows from film to sculpture at the university

Sound installation to marble sculpture "panta rhei"
[composition: Michi Eisl; sculpture draft: Klaus Schrefler & Thomas Siegl; sculpture realization: Klaus Schrefler]

Film presentation (permanently) in the inner courtyard - "INTIÑAHUI - In the Eye of the Sun"
[Idea & director: Klaus Schrefler; Animation: Thomas Siegl & Martin Schemitsch; Montage: Elmar Ranegger; Sound: Dr. Nachtstrom]

Uni Graz © 2011 Kastrun, Uni Graz

„Panta rhei – everything flows“ the title of a stone sculpture in front of the headquarter of Karl Franzens University Graz; designed by Klaus Schrefler & Thomas Siegl, realized by Klaus Schrefler in Austrian marble („Sölker Marmor“); tecnical consultant Walter Ackerl.

Art in public space
located in public space in the middle of Graz, right in front of the main building of the Karl Franzens University Graz.

The eternal flow
The work is characterized by two words, which symbolize the eternal flow of life - panta rhei. According to cultural history the shape of the ring seems to emphasize associations to universities as intercultural turntables.
Formally and in terms of content the sculpture refers the cinematographic opus „INTIÑAHUI - In the Eye of the Sun“. The award-winning 3D animation [Idea & director Klaus Schrefler; 3D animation by Thomas Siegl and Martin Schemitsch; Montage by Elmar Ranegger; Soundtrack by ‚Dr. Nachtstrom‘], which was shown on all continents deals with the cycle of life. Klaus Schrefler based this project on rites and myths of ancient Ecuadorian culture – in nine sequenzes and their associated imagery visions are brought to life.

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